Freezing Images

I have two zgemma H2.H boxes and a virgin media router and my TV signal has intermittent freezing issues on both boxes.

I'm not sure what the issue is, I have changed who I buy my lines from a couple of times but the issue persists. My Internet seems constant with no package loss.

I can't pin point when it started to happen, but I suspect it might be when I split the line. After Virgins installation it was split to one tv box and the modem, I changed that adapter out to split it 3 ways to feed the 3rd box using one of these the line is only split in one location. I can see the green cable box outside my house it is directly across the road from me.

Another change I made is changing my virgin router to modem mode and using a store bought router for my network.

It could have also happened the time sly went down and I'm guessing more people turned to Virmin and all the lines I have bought turn out to be from the same supplier via re-sellers.

Some channels seem worse than others some days the freezes are few and far between and last less than a second or appear as more of a glitch whereas others they are more frequent and can freeze up for a few seconds at a time. Though the freezing doesn't stop at times where I would imagine the traffic is less 3am etc.

Does anybody know how I could debug the issue, or recommend things I could do to fix it, or at least make it better.

did u ever get this oroblem resolved?
i have same set up( 2 h2h zgemmas) split the vm signal and freezing!!!