From Openbox V8S to Cable/IPTV


Hi new on here as haven't needed any help with setup before. As S*y will encrypt their boxes soon I am looking to go down the cable or IPTV Route. What is the best Cable boxes on a low budget? I am a student so don't wanna waste money. What are the approx. prices of a Yearly Cable N Line? and is Cable a better option then IPTV? I know IPTV to be extremely unreliable from experience. Many Thanks

P.S- I do have VM Fibre already.

Oscar CK

cable involves a high budget comparing to satellite, IPTV would be a better choice as it is expanding in the upcoming months. I got many providers changing from line to IPTV.


From my experience of VM line & IPTV VM all the way that maybe bcos there could be six people stretching my bandwidth to the limit . But IPTV can take a bit getting used to aswell & I firmly believe the viewing quality is better on VM if you have a good TV set