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This is a general question about all games for all consoles. Sorry HT couldnt find a general section for games.

Can anyone tell me if games are like dvds and have regions or all they all region free. I know the lieks of the ds - cartridge games are region free but what about disks?

We are going to the US shortly and live in UK and wondered if i could buy games over there that would work on our systems. Not sure if the likes of Wii xbox and ps3 are on pal or are region free.

The US tend to be cheaper than the UK market and have different games than we have.
When i went to out local game store i was told that you can only play games bought in the UK but - well not sure if they are saying that to try n sell me something.



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yes linny, they are region specific, that is not to say that there isn't a way around this, the man to ask might be sinno, he knows his stuff in anything i have asked him


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well im gonna check the prices when we go as really they should all be about the same sort or price no matter which country you purchase in.


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ps3 games are region free so they will work on any console, xbox 360 games and wii games are region formatted so they wont but i think if you have the wii or xbox flashed they might, you might have to check this out though


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Hi Linny,
the wii is region formatted and even when modded it might not be able to play them,i think there is a way of getting them to work,i will look into it for you and report back,is your wii softmodded or the other
Hi linny
I just got this hope it helps
Region Codes:

The Wii and many other systems have region coding on the games.
The Wii's are as follows:

NTSCJ - Japan/Korea
SECAM - France (it's a type of PAL)
PAL - All other countries

Normally (without any mods) you cannot run any games that are not from your region.

However, you can play any region game on any Wii, however you will require a TV that supports NTSC and PAL signals and a modchip or soft-mod solution.

What happens when i don't have a TV that supports the opposite signal?

When you launch a game you will either get a green screen and a lock up or you will get the game playing but it will scroll and be black & white.

Is there a solution?

Not 100%, you can set in both BackUp Launcher and USB Loader region settings such as:

Force PAL - forces the game into PAL mode
Force NTSC - forces the game into NTSC mode
VidTV Patch - tries to patch the games TV settings for better results

However not 100% games like this and will not run.

So what can i do about them?

Not a great deal, you can always wait for the game to come out if not already in your region.

This is from another site and not my work
All thanks to KongsNutz for this

With regards to the ps3 have a read of this
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thanks Sinno. My wii has i think a wiikey plus it also has other stuff on it. Ive got a HD that has all my back up games on. its got USB loader - i can load my games onto wii and save them on the HD and play them from there rather than use the disk - save damaging it of course :) i also have an sd card where all my other retro games are on, with that i click on the sd icon and all my games come up. although that part is new before i had to just copy from the sd card to the wii to play save and play the game.
So not sure if its what you call softmodded or what lol! - i dont ask just happy with results.

I have a friend that does it all for me so have no idea really what he does lol! other than i know that i can add delete my wii games onto the loader to save time etc, even comes up with the game case image so i know what game to chose.
as for my tv its a new HD one and im sure it plays NTSC and pal so does that mean i can paly US games on the wii and watch them on that tv


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i would have to say yes and no,i have a similar tv and tried it with a game from the states(ghostbusters) but it didnt work,some of the older titles should work but i would say no to the newer games