Geri Halliwell booed at X Factor auditions


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Friday 11 June 2010


Halliwell - Angered fans at the auditions

According to The Mirror, the singer angered audience members when she refused to put a singer called Katie through to the next round of the competition.

Halliwell reportedly had the casting vote concerning the singer, who had been backed by Louis Walsh and Cheryl Cole, but not Simon Cowell.

A source said: "Geri had the chance to please the crowd and many were shouting Katie's name."
"But Geri ignored them and turned Katie down, causing the crowd to go crazy."

"Eventually they invited Katie back to try again, but Geri was judged to be the executioner and she never recovered from that."

The report also suggested that some audience members began chanting "Bring back Dannii" during the auditions.