gigablue x3

just a post for my pals enigma box just started today black screen and only audio ...
checked all cables and the usual stuff..

running latest wooshbuild
with all the new softcam setup

think the issue be the tuner im sure its under warranty just to see if anybody else has had the same issue..

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Gigablue offer 2 Years Manufacturer Hardware Warranty but may be a software issue. Gigablue are quite supportive and we get good support from them.

It’s best to get hold of the retailer/distributor who sold the product to your mate.

We are also the official distributor for Gigablue, but it’s best to go via the right sales channel. Let us know how you get on.


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Have you tried a different image like vix or grog free range see if that makes a difference have you tried different hdmi cable port different tv tried with mono leads if possible


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done all that powered the whole thing down pulled out plug..plugged back in up and running ..was a weird one guys ..just incase it happens to anybody else