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Giveaway of the Day - Advanced System Protector Pro


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Advanced System Protector scans, detects and cleans all malicious threats found on your system. ASP goes beyond normal anti-spyware scanning: it monitors and scans the behavioral aspects of various processes running on your PC, and tries to identify any sort of spyware-related activity. This is completely based on artificial intelligence and is a must for the security of any PC. Its fast, its thorough and does the job efficiently.

Advanced System Protector Pro additional features:

  • On Execution Scanner
  • Internet Shield
  • Registry Shield
  • Process Shield
  • Windows Shield
  • Startup Shield
  • IE Privacy Shield
  • Browser Shield




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Just downloaded Advanced System Protector,and scaned Computer,
iv more chance of catching the virus swine flue.Thank you Hi Teck,Brilliant