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Giving blood because one day you might need it.

Obi wan bissaka

Forum Supporter
hi guys/girls, for many many years now I have given blood, the reason I give blood is a friend of mine died in Afghanistan fighting for us, his squad got ambushed and he died trying to save his team, he got shot and died from bleeding out and not enough time to get him help, since then I have gave blood, I hope that my blood helps somebody around the UK who desperately needs it, its a simple thing to do, just thought i would put these links in so if anyone would like to have a little read about it all and the process and even if only 1 person on here actually signs up to give blood then my job is done, I dont know about people who are on medication or have medical conditions, if they can give blood so please look that up 1st as I'm not entirely sure, Its easy to sign up and everything you need to know will be on the website.

Thanks :blush:

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