Linux golden interstar xpeed to add a C line or N line...


Hi guys
just bought a GOLDEN INTERSTAR XPEED LX2 and i have a good steady N line at the moment on another box which i am giving to my sister and i am totally new to linux and this box in particular , Can anyone give me step by step instructions what menus to go in to , to install my N line on this box , also this box has come direct from the factory so will i have to flash the box first with enigma 2 or can i install the line straight out of the box.....thanks in advance and remember i am new to this box so bear that in mind if you can help with the instructions ..thanks again...


Hi I've just purchased an xpeed lx2, looking for a setup guide and whats the best server/ line/ to use, hope you can help

Cheers in advance


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if box is from factory and you want vix image get it from the main source from world of satellite home of vix and flash box according to the guides for that box.
fusion has that box and did a tut for setting it up.
bees has made a general setup guide " setting up enigma2 receiver " in the cable section if needed.