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Ok Guys / Girls I did not want to post this but my Mrs. took here own life back in 1999 yes 20 years ago and I still miss her today. :cry::cry::cry:

She never spoke about here problems which makes it very difficult to cope with and its still here with me today.:cry::cry::cry:

So please anyone with any type of health problem / problem contact the people that can help you, or it will only ruin your life and others :cry:(y):cry:




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@stuss I’m no inspiration to any one mate I’m just a nut case that dose not want to die anytime soon (y) :smiley:(y)

My Daughter is my inspiration after her mothers passing we have grown to work together to beat most things we come across (y):smiley:(y)

One of my mates is gay and I love him to bits but not in a quire way (y):unsure::laughing:

If you think I have great taste in tunes you must also have great taste in tunes Mate :smiley:(y):smiley:

You Take Care Mate & All members that have supported me on this Great Forum :smiley:(y)(y):love:

This Forum is just full of brilliant people that work very hard to help people out (y)(y)(y):love:


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