Guitar Hero 5 getting Music Studio tweaks, Band Moments


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By: Justin McElroy

We've got just a few more notes to add to your compendium of Guitar Hero 5 knowledge this morning. First, we learned today that the game will add Band Moments, which rewards the band for hitting certain strings of notes together. (Note, both guitarists must rub their shoulder blades together with totally gnarly looks on their faces to activate.) These will be placed in songs from the game's 85 different artists, more than 25 of which have never appeared in a video game before, we're told.

Also, the GHMusic Studio will be getting a redesign, though no further details are offered. We always thought the studio was a cool idea, but we didn't play with it much in World Tour. Did any of you create any masterpieces with it? What would you like to see changed?

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