H2h cable and sat set up

So I Installed Wooshbuild 5.
Then Menu - Setup - Service Searching - Tuner Configuration - highlight tuner B - Ok - Then change Net ID to your area - then Green button to save.
Exit back to tv. Green button - Red button (remove plugins) - extensions - highlight autobouquets and press ok - (MESSAGE READS Do you want to remove the plugin "extensions-autobouquets"?) Highlight YES and press OK - exit back to tv - ****NOW THE IMPORTANT PART**** Menu - Standby/Restart - RESTART GUI ****It must be (RESTART GUI) and not just restart!!!!!! (If you press just restart Autobouqets E2 will still be there!!!!!!!!)
Green button - Green button (download plugins) - System Plugins - AutobouqetMaker (ABM) - Download then restart box - Menu - Standby/Restart - RESTART GUI.
Menu - Setup - Service Searching - Autobouqemaker - Configure - change setup mode to Expert - Sheduled scan (turn to ON) - change Time of Scan to Whatever time ( I used 5am) - Press Exit - Providers - make sure Virgin U.K. is (ON) - Virgin Swap Channels is (ON) and your Net Id for your area is there . - Press Exit - Start Scan ( Will now Scan for Channels).
Once finished then Menu - Setup - EPG - Settings - Enable Virgin epg ( change to YES the press GREEN button to Save.
Press Exit back to Setup - CrossEpg -Configure - Schedule Download ( change to wherever ( I used (5.15am).
Press Exit - XMLTV PROVIDERS - Sroll down to bottom and choose RYTEC Virgin U.K. XMLTV then press GREEN to enable - Press Yellow to Download - ( once finished make sure there's a tick on Ryteck virgin uk).
Press Exit.
Providers Start Order - Highlight Rytec Virgin and press GREEN button to move up so RYTEC virgin is at the top!
Press Exit - Download Now - Now will Download the Epg.
Menu setup service searching autobouquets maker configure scroll down to add providers prefix to bouquets set to yes then save
scan again using abm once complete exit
press down or up arrow then press menu button navigate to settings
alwayS show bouquets yes save
Then I FTP into box using Filezilla and transferred my newcamd.list file into usr/keys.
Then Blue Button - Press Down Button once - Press Right Button once - (softcam Panel "control your softcams") - press OK - Highlight Select Cam 1 - Press Right Button Twice till it says mgcamd_1.38rl - press GREEN button this will restart cam. - now exit back to tv.
I then downloaded the VirginHD skin and Installed it aswell.
All Virgin Channels working fine including HD and Epg working g a treat!
If I've missed anything out or done something you thinks wrong guys let me know.
Things to NOTE:
1. I left TUNER A as it was.
2. Always check your using the correct NET ID.
3. I was using a N-line in Mgcamd. (But obviously you can use c:line CCCam).
4. This guide is for Cable ONLY!! But you can run Sky with this also.
5. Big thanks to Wooshman (Wooshbuild is a great build mate)


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ive looked at all and cant find whoosh h2h build any ideas sso I just thought id put how to on for all in same position