H2s and best image


just bought a s2 h twin sat for a mate
reluctantly agreed to set it up for him.
had loads of problems setting a mates s2 a while ago. Anyway another friend just bought the new sat / cable combo and said it was a doddle to set up
and he says he is using the sukmnsee sly looking image and said its great .
and this lad wants me to put it on for him
is this a good image to use .
problem is he lives down south and I live up north. So it's not like I can pop a round and help him if he has problems


TK Veteran
Both the newest VIX & ATV backups available here have kiddacs skin already installed so your m8 should be over the moon with ether image, as for area you could set it up to test it is working fine then change to his area before posting & let him run a channel scan & update EPG when he receives it