H2s Bouquet/IPTV query/Help needed please


Anyone a whizz with a zgemma H2s that can advise me on a bouquet query?
Issue is this, I have added the IPTV Bouquet but, before when I tried to change back to normal tv i.e BBC1, ITV etc and typed in 101, It would take me straight to the channel without issues, and if I wanted IPTV I would open epg, go across to IPTV Bouquet and join it from there. Now though, If I press 101 it takes me straight to National Geographic on my IPTV, even if I come out via epg and go across to entertainment or 28.2 bouquet......Is this normal or could it be a simple settings fix as we use the box for all tv and would prefer 101 to be BBC1 etc as we are so used to it now.
Any advise would be great, maybe others are finding this and have found a fix.
Cheers in advance......(",)