H5.2TC How do I set up with 2 satellite dishes.


Here is my scenario I'm using a zgemma h5.2tc twin cable tuner and single satellite tuner...

Currently I have sky UK 28.2, but I also want to put a dish up for 19.2E Sky.De which I'll connected together with a DISEqC 4X1. However when you select DISEQC in the tuner setting it does not bring bouquets up to configure for the 19.2e.

Is there workaround or would I need to get a twin satellite tuner box?


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you would need to setup abm or the likes to bring up the bouquets
and im pretty sure, abm will need to see some sort of signal to work first
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You will need to get your other sat dish up first before box is setup.
I got an extra dish put up and old sky sat dish on 13 removed.
My new dish is fixed 80cm with 2 quads 19.2 and 13 and i have a 28.2 feed from other sat to a 4 way diseqc.
I just load vhannibal auto setting for my wanted sats from plugin feeds


No what I mean is usually per tuner you select your frequency then in providers you can select what you want per frequency. However using a single even with diseqc it defaults it only displays the provider for the first frequency


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Set up - tuner - manually set up for 19.2
You won't be able to do this until you have the other LNB set up.
You may not need another dish, if you only have a single tuner why not use a monoblock LNB