H5.2TC - How do I update ABM config


Welcome to openATV for zgemmah52tc
openatv 6.1 zgemmah52tc
zgemmah52tc login: root
[email protected]:~# opkg install /tmp/*.ipk
Couldn't find anything to satisfy '/tmp/*.ipk'.
Unknown package '/tmp/*.ipk'.
Collected errors:
* opkg_solver_install: Cannot install package /tmp/*.ipk.

I'm losing the will


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The .ipk file should be uploaded to the Temp folder on your box m8, the go into the menu and install the .ipk


So am I transferring .ipk incorrectly. Downloaded from new abm 3.0 > 3.1 and transferred via FZ by dragging & dropping into folder tmp which has ?. Am I doing this incorrectly? Everytime I have dragged from folder from laptop to box message appears file transferred.

As you can tell I only do this when it goes wonky.....


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If you transfered the file to tmp
press menu>setup>software manager>ipkg install>choose memory/tmp>click the package name, click green

Abu Baniaz

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He was transferring the rar files, not ipk files. Would be nice if forum allowed ipk file attachments

I have the instructions on the ABM thread to say unzip/unrar the files. hopefully saves someone else the grief
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Thanks to AB for sharing my pain and making it go away. Fortunately only happens everytime there is an update and straight forward ones I can deal with but anything more than 3 clicks is a struggle...……….

Thanks again