H5.2TC wanted


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Anyone want to swap their H5.2TC for a H5.2S+?

The H5.2S+ has 2 x sat tuners and 1 x cable/terresdtrial tuner.

I've sold the H5.2S+ but still looking for a H5.2TC if anyone has one?

I'm wanting to set my mum up with a twin tuner terrestrial freeview box.
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Hi, this is my first ever post although I've spent probably the past year on these forums. I've got one of these and I'm thinking of moving to an Nvidia Shield - still in two minds though as I like the look and ease of use with Wooshbuild on this. I've already been offered £60 though I don't really want to be selling to the 'friend' who'll expect lifetime aftercare :unsure:

I have the original box with all kit and it's like new - had it for a few months. Can upload photo proof if needed


Great, Is it ok if I get back to you tomorrow? It may be approx a week before I can send out though as I want to get the replacement box all setup before letting this one go if that's okay?