Satellite H7 Multiboot - External Storage

Jay N

Hi All,

Long story short, had to reflash the main partition on my H7 as the box kept crashing but before flashing I had to move a large number of recordings off the external storage and then move them back to keep the misses happy.

After doing this I thought about adding another image on another partition in case of any future issues but my question is when flashing the second image, will I have to initialise the external storage again which would wipe it or does the second image already recognise it as initialised?



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Flashing the box doesn't affect the external storage and your recordings would have been fine.
You can flash 4 different images to a H7 without worrying about the external storage and you don't need to reinitialise it.

Jay N

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Thanks Willo. I must have done something wrong as after reflashing Grogbuild with his script I couldn’t see any of the recordings in the file list until I had initialised the external storage and copied them over again.

Still have the recordings on a USB if all else fails🤣