Cable H7C “No displayable files on this medium found”

My box (VIX 5.3.39) has just had a glitch. I switched over from BBC1 to ITV, and the screen just went blank, with no buttons on the RC working. I turned the box off and on, and it seemed normal, except the above error message appearing every five minutes five times. It seems to have stopped now and everything normal 30 minutes later, but
What would cause this error message to appear?
How can I stop it happening again?
What are the pros and cons of upgrading to the latest version of VIX?


TK Veteran
Its looking for files on your hdd or USB drive.

Latest Vix is 5.4.009

If you continue to have issues a fresh install is not going to hurt

Changelog for 5.4.009

Merge branch 'Dev'
[Translations] Update Dutch (NL) translation.
openvix: developer
openvix: developer
[] Expose screen errors properly in the debug log
[opentv.cpp] startSecond: Test some changes suggested by LraiZer
[Converter/TransponderInfo] Avoid possible BSoD
Fix movieselection crash when nothing is selected
[Converter/TransponderInfo] conditional icons for DVB type
Add scale argument in loadSVG
openvix: developer
[hdmi_cec ]fix previous commit - not break is [[fallthrough]]
[] Remove unused variable
[] prevent possible BSoD
[] Change a variable name
[] Simplify legacy "setupdom" function
[] allow multiple, semi-colon delimited items in the "require" attribute
[] Expose formatting code as methods
[] Show default value
[Converter/ServiceInfo] add Poll to force icons to update reliably
Correct a comment, which has led to several instances of incorrect code.
Add a toDisplayString() to the ConfigClock and ConfigDateTime classes.
[SystemInfo] Update Blindscan_t2_available