H9.2h epg issue


I have got a h9.2h box I have flashed it with both whooshbuild and just standard open atv set it up like al the rest of zgemma boxes. I have put iptv on via extreme editor which I have always done . All channels pull to box no problem the epg all downloads but the epg will not display in on the box I have ftp into box to check its downloaded and it's there xtreme.xml. I have tried both using a USB stick and to flash with the same result. I have reflashed the box several times to. Is there some sort of on off switch know this box what's not on other zgemma boxes


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If using openatv 6.4 there is problems with epg downloading for xe there is a couple of posts on forum about the issue a couple of members has had recently or you can always download vix and use vix and willobuild or plain vix no problems with epg and xe