Halo HUD all up in your desktop


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by Ben Gilbert { 21 hours ago }

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Ever dreamed of seeing the computer world through the eyes of a Spartan? What's that? You woke up just this morning after dreaming of that exact thing? Cast your worry aside then, friends, as Lifehacker reader rykennedyan has created exactly what you've been waiting for in the Halo desktop HUD.

Based in the Rainmeter customizable resource application for Windows -- albeit with an expected, fancier skinning -- 'rykennedyan' has personalized each detail of the HUD to access various Windows apps. Looking for Steam? Click each grenade type for various programs. Wondering what orchestral choir music with a rocking guitar solo is playing at the moment? Peer just over the health bar for all the pertinent details. How about a totally rad, interactive desktop featuring a Halo theme? Oh, right, well, we see you've already got one of those.

From - http://xbox.joystiq.com