Hard Drive Noise


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Hard Drive Noise (Startup/Shutdown)

I have an internal standalone disk drive from Maxtor, model number 6Y080L0. Whenever i re-install my OS afresh, the hard drive makes very little noise, i'm mainly concerned with noise after logging on and shutting down the computer. After a while 6 months or so later, whenever i log on or shutdown the comptuer, the hard drive makes this noise (cant exactly describe - buts its like a deepish noise as if theres too much for it to load). If i was to re-install the OS right now again - i would be certain that the noise would appear to be way quieter. I have tryed doing a registry scan and repair and a full defrag of my hard drive. Is this something that just happens overtime. Also i only have 256MB of ram, which at the moment there is only 27MB Free, could this be causing the problem?


(Running XP)
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correct, also a good defragmentation might help as well. Sounds like after awhile files are getting misplaced and the HD is having a hard time looking for them, as compared to when you re-format and install a new os, everything is nice and tidy and in the right spot, so the HD does not make much noise, because it dose not have to look hard. If you can stand the noise I would just put up with it, otherwise you could just buy a new HD, they are fairly cheap.


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Here's a good clean procedure that may help out, without having to reformat.

Go to My Computer

Right click on the HDD in question. Go to Properties then open the Tools tab. The first box should be Error Checking. Click Check Now and a new box pops up.

Tic both both boxes then click OK. It'll pop up a window stating that disc could not be checked for errors, do you wish to schedule one on next restart. (something to that effect anyway) Click yes then restart your pc and it'll will check the disc for error and attempt cleaning up any bad sectors.