Has anyone seen this?? PREDATOR 8700USB Pvr


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About Predator 8700 ::::::...Use Ali Chip 3329E...::::::

The Predator 8700 is a digital satelitte receiver with pvr function and Skysharing.

For Skysharing the Predator 8700 uses 13E as Server. - This means it's no internet connection needed! It's Skyshare!!

Please notice that you cant share. You just receive the keys to unlock the Paytv. You do not send anything. That makes the Predator 8700 so safe.

After purchase you can upgrade the Predator 8700 with new Firmware via USB Stick. This Firmware let you acess to the 13E Newcamd Server wich sends the keys via Data channel.The Server acess is for free, as long as Newcamd sharing works.

Almost all is unlocked of course no HDTV Channels.

This is from another site. Anyone heard about this? Sorry I should have maybe checked if this is okay to post, I assume it is cos it's not c/s.
o mooley by the way will this not b like the cable boxs when sly cop on they will find a way 2 close it down
Isn't that what will always happen?? Always a risk mate :)
I've only come across this today so I'm not clued up on it all yet and a few packages they say it provides are not running at the moment from what I can make out so far.
Quick update for anyone who was checking out his box. I came across this on support forum for them:

Predator8700 Service STOPPED.
It will be fixed as soon as possible.We hope this week. No Backup Service is running at the moment.
Latest from their site:

"Re: PREDATOR 8700 Pvr
Back on Thursday with new version software and it was expected to be released today but it was emphasized its release tomorrow, God willing .
The team confirmed that the device is excellent, but a lot of packages has been loaded which led to lock the device to go down
The new firmware has been released if anyone wants it let me just post here.
From support 'You need to use Eurobird 9A at 9.0E but in some areas Hotbird will do so please test first Hotbird if not doing well do use the E9A.'

Seems a lame duck in my opinion. It's being shifted from sat to sat and the Nilesat update has gone never to return. You'd be on your roof every 2 weeks!