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Okay, so, hands up, I made a bollo of culling the 75 page thread! I had it down to 10 pages, when I clicked delete thread, and couldn't go back.

However, here is some info that i have salvaged

Unless if you've been living under a rock, or haven't been informed yet; Virmin are beginning to move their TV channels to a cardless system. This has been successfully trialled in the Leicester area for the past number of months.
Read the fine print at the bottom: https://keepup.virginmedia.com/v6upgrade/index

As of 31st January all Sly Sports HD channels will no longer be available on the Virmin cardsharing platform.
Looks like Virmin are going for an area by area approach.
The rest of the channels will soon follow; no-one knows exactly when – it could be a matter of days, months or hopefully years.

There is no way around this currently, or for the foreseeable future.

Channels affected:
  • SkySports Main Event HD
  • SkySports PL HD
  • SkySports Football HD
  • SkySports Cricket HD
  • SkySports Golf HD
  • SkySports F1 HD
  • SkySports Action HD
  • SkySports Arena HD
Areas affected (as of yet):
  • 00001
  • 00002 Glasgow
  • 00004 Newport South Wales
  • 00005 Luton/Bedford
  • 00006 – Swindon
  • 00007 Port Talbot
  • 00008 Nottingham/Mansfield
  • 00010 – Teeside
  • 00011 - Ipswich
  • 00012 – Leicester
  • 00016 – Leamington Spa / Warwick
  • 00018 –
  • 00020 –
  • 00021 Belfast
  • 00022 – Grimsby
  • 06952 –
  • 40961 –
  • 40962 –
  • 40963 –
  • 40964 -
  • 40965 - Liverpool
  • 40966 - Liverpool
  • 40967 –
  • 40968 –
  • 40973 – wolverhampton
  • 40974 – wolverhampton
  • 40975 Basildon
  • 40978
  • 40980 –
  • 40982 dundee
  • 40984 –
  • 40985 – North London
  • 40988 – Plymouth
  • 41003 carlisle
  • 41008 liverpool
  • 41011–
  • 41015 - Yardley (Birmingham)
  • 41018
  • 41042 - portsmouth
  • 41046 –
  • 41048 (Manchester 3 / Wirral)
  • 41050
  • 41051 Watford
  • 41053 - Leeds
  • 41060 Manchester
  • 41063 Stoke on Trent
  • 41066 Manchester
  • 42068 Manchester
  • 41069 – Lewisham
  • 41071 - Southampton
Alternatives available:
Unless if the new Sly encryption is hacked, the future of pirated TV seems to be IPTV; make of that what you will.

This is not a discussion thread, merely a listing post, if your HD sports have gone down and your net id isnt listed, just add it in a post, and I will add to the full list.
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Jesus lads, give me a minute lol

Also, dont say AREA - ALL NET ID, give me the id

coventry is affected to

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Please read this post in its entirety, cheers!

00002 area (Glasgow))
Confirmed dark

Already confirmed, the list is in numerical order, have a read before posting all!!

what is the netid ?

Thanks boss, someone has read the three posts in here

40973 and 40974 are both wolverhampton.

If no one says, im not a mind reader, cheers

Can add 41069 Lewisham to the list.
It's already there, can people look at the list before posting - it is in numerical order.

Mate its very easy to make a booboo in any post,we are all human...

Glasgow 00002 netid affected
Yes it is, and 00002 was already on the list too.
I am getting 10 of these every day, so I asked people to look at the numerical list before posting, which you didn't, obviously
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Hi ya

all good news i rang up vm today and asked them a few qustion

There takeing off vod and on demand and hd channels on old boxese and the answer is that u do not have to update your old box unless u want to and the reson why thay want u to take new box is that it runs internet to devices also runs tv and phone line thats why that want to put the three in one package into one box so he said what will happen is there be no hd on the old boxes thats what thay said today
hi folks been a few posts on here but ive never had hd channels for about 18 months .. updated provider files and ran a scan ..sly sports news hd and sky sports mix hd and sky football hd all clearing at moment ..glasgow area ..also apparently vermin are in dispute with sly over sports channels...i remember it happened with discovery awhile back be good if they all come back on and clear..or am i just wishing lol ..but we all have had a great run and been spoiled i think.. i pee they way forward only time will tell


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There was a thread about it yesterday, go to BT1
click down
click red
choose the other one, it has incorrect epg data but works
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