HD51 4K HD51 Wont Boot !!


Hi All, I have the HD51 and we went on holiday only to find it stuck in boot when we came home.
Provider rang me while I was away asking me to shut the box down as he had been rumbled but I couldnt do it and I wnder if they could send some form of kill signal to the box ?

Anyway I need to get it running again and any help would be useful.

It was running grogbuild free range.

I cant ftp to it as the ethernet wont come up so is my only option to reflash ? if so what to ?

Many thanks


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Thanks but I tried to flash with 6.4 and every time it says No Partition - that goes for all versions of open ATV
I might try willobuild just to get it up


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I love old posts as another user possibly needs recovery file as it gets to boot screen Openvix and shuts off to red light.

Would an ATV recovery work on any image as he cant check whats on box only Openvix.

Might this be epg going to internal flash that causes this common issue?