Headache and runny nose are now most common Delta symptoms


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Headache and runny nose are now most common Delta symptoms

Interesting report, well, especially for me because these are the symptoms I've had for the last ten days.

The runny nose, is the worst I've had for a long time, mild sore throat and the occasional headache. My wife's even had the cough as well,
but it wasn't a repeatative cough like has been described as a covid symptom.

I had wondered if it could be covid I've had, but given I could still taste, I didn't have a repeative cough or an overly high temperature, dismissed it, but now,
after reading this report, I may well have had the Delta (or India) covid varient symptoms

I didn't bother to get tested because there's no point in that whatsoever, you'll not get any help, just told to self isolate or off until you're at death's door.
Anyway, I'm sure I've got over the worst of it now. Should say, I think I may have already had covid, way back Feb 2020, but again I didn't experience the worst
of symptoms that we've heard of.

Anyway here's the report

Anyone think they've had the Delata varient
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I hope you isolated mate
Absolutely, we both did, I've never believed in going out when I'm not well.
I've never understood why people will go out to work or send kids to school when they're not well.
I'm fortunate though, Boris (well in my case wee Nippy) could announce full lockdown tomorrow, and I've
enough food in the freezers to last at least 3 months lol