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hello peeps


Hello everyone one.

Just popped in to say hi as ive not been around much latley. Been busy working and babysitting reptiles lol Have popped on quickly to vote when i can but, not had much time to chat etc.

Seems the last few months have passed me by what with having pc problems ( which i still got) and time i dont get much time to spend on the pc these days like i did.

Im sure by September time and things get back to normal i will be on more to catch up with all the goss etc.

So how is evryone else doing?? School holidays we are all busy doing something or other, which is why im busy working so others can take time off lol! my holiday is in October = cant wait !


yes im well thanks, just dont seem to to to much time to spend on here ( or play on here as hubby would say)
I cant believe we are in August already - where has this year gone??????????
Summer clothes are gone from shops and well before you know it it will be cards and decorations in the shops!

....................... or is it me getting old lol!


Dee hes so so, not eating much latley, but still seems ok, so not sure if hes getting worse or if its just this stupid weather cant make its mind up.
Thanks 7th and the rest


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well lets hope its the weather linny, i always see if your on to ask after his health, weather all over the show temps 18 tonight, i think we need a few more trees cut down, getting bored with grey and wet.


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hi linny, work is the curse of the drinking class. roll on september till you get a chance to "play" again


I have just got to share this with you. Whilst ive got some time to myself i put a few items on ebay. I put a single mattress on there i had only just finished adding it and then added another item. By the time i had finished adding the next time the mattress had disappeared, thinking i had not added it correctly i went to add it again - only to find out that it had sold lol! I put it on for 1 penny or B I N for £1 - the couple have since been and collected so done and dusted within 1 hour - i didnt even take the money lol. Stupid thing is it would have cost me £25 to get someone to take it away, and now some family have a very good clean single mattress that is suitable for a childs 1st bed!