Help Needed - Setting up zGemma H.2H with Vermin



Apologies, I am fairly new to this, I bought a cable box (H.2H) and it came with the Sly skin and VM channels. I want to change the skin to Vermin, can anyone recommend the best Vermin skin to use along with instructions on how to set up?

Also, once I flash my box... Where should my line then be stored?



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For the skin have a look here

For your line that depends on what image your using for mgcamd it should be in newcamd.list in usr/keys if cccamd it should be in etc on vix or usr/keys on openatv.

What image are you planning on using I created a backup last night that only uses one set of bouquets rather than 2 by replacing sky hd channels with virgin
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OpenVix is on the box at the minute, if its possible I will probably leave Vix on and just change the skin to this VM HD one. Would that work?


Hey Mate,

I'm doing the same type of update using the skin. I have followed your instructions as below to load the IPK. That seems to execute ok but when I go to change the skin it isn't in the list. Any ideas?

Menu > setup > VIX > Iplkg install
Press ok on the package
press green to install.

Once it has installed you need to set it as your skin.
(OpenATV)*Menu... setup... Usage & GUI... skin setup.
(OpenVIX)*Menu...setup...System...user setup

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Apologies looks like it didn't actually execute properly

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Got it working after deleting the file