Help needed to update Vix image on Evo Enfinity T2/Cable box


Hi all, I have been searching this & various other forums, but am unable to find instructions on how to update the VIX4E2PROJECT image on my Evo Enfinity T2/CABLE box. Currently I have the following:
Version: 2.2
Build: 001-blue+

...I have issues with no sound on newer Sky Channels (e.g. Sky Sports Main Event) & also Narration on Sky Movies HD channels. Having scanned forums it looks like I nee to update my Vix image to address above, but need help to do this.

Any help greatly appreciated....


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the trouble is we do bees tut for openvix images but might be totally different for your box,i am sure someone can guide you better.
yes new image is needed to fix your issues and save cfg and line to destop folder first.


Hi I have evo box have updated it to the latest build and re added the c line leave me your details I will help you out


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Thanks, but I have now bricked my box, being a bit of a numpty!
It appears my box is no longer supported by VIX4, so the version I had was I fact the last/latest version. I
downloaded the latest version for an Evo Slim T2 & thought I was being clever by editing/renaming some of the files/folders to look like the old zip file ....& for a while it looked like it was working, but I think I blew the box midway through flashing. has power, but blank screen & no output.

Time to treat myself to an new box I think!


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Before buying another box why not download openatv 6.1 from openatv website and try flashing with that. They do up to date images for your receiver if box still has power it has to be worth a go for the sake of 5 minutes of your time.. Download extract it and enter the folder find file named no force and rename to force