help with openvix


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What channel ? Press menu, set up, service searching, autobouquetmaker ,scan If its a normal channel


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Do you have a live VM feed going in to the proper tuner on the back of the box? I.E. if a zgemma and trying to set it up for cable then the live VM feed goes to tuner B and not A as it looks like you've no signal if every channel the same. Easy thing to do as the cable feed is screw on and the cable tuner is push fit so most use an adapter.
Guys on here will help you no end but you need to give more information like what box?, what your trying to do? Cable or Sat? How you've got it hooked up?


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Your scan is obviously not bringing in any channels, if its a cable box your running, then you must have the wrong set-up, either the tuners are not set-up properly, or you have the wrong frequency./Nid set-up ??