Help with signal issues/diagnostic


Hi Guys,

I am new here so excuse me if I make any stupid comments :)

I have a h2h box all setup and working with a virmin feed into the TunerB - during setup everything looked fine and all channels looked perfect (Assumptions!)
So I let the Mrs loose on it one day and the she couldn't load a few channels, so the issue is channel specific. So after trying a few different lines I assumed it was a signal issue.

Let me explain my setup,

Active Virmin multi room feed into the house, 3 rooms in total, although the 3rd room is actually a guest house, Virmin themselves did the installation and everything has worked fine with Tivo boxes in every room.

Two of the boxes in the main house seem to be coming directly from the main box at the front of the house and the 3rd room (outhouse) is fed upstairs to our superhub, plugged into a branded Virmin white box with a power adaptor on it and then fed out of this, down the side of the house and into the outhouse, I'd say maybe 10/15m of cable.

To exclude the box I took it into one of the other rooms and the channels loaded instantly with no issues. So must be a signal issue? As it's plugged into some kind of Virgmin booster I was wondering if it was too strong of a signal so I used an old skool splitter (supplied by Virmin) this didnt have any effect. It's hard for me to diagnose at the moment as the h2h box always says a signal of 29 so I've no idea where to go from here.

I am hoping someone can have a smart idea? I would be forever gratful. Happy to bung someone a few quid if they can help.

Not sure on the software on the box but I'm pretty happy to reflash to another image but as it works in other rooms...