Recently been having some problems with the service to my box, so i got a testline to try and eliminate this problem.

I have followed everything on the forums / internet on how to do this (i.e. FTA Client)

When changing the file on 'filezilla' and putting in the new ccline, i have gone on to my box and rebooted!

Now i have no working sky channels, as they are now all black.

(The only thing i dont really understand, is i have installed a few softcams? Like 2 or 3 not knowing really what they do.. when researching i was to select something on a softcam panel but was unable to find the menu which allowed me to select it with a green tick)

If anybody could help me it would be much appreciated


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normally if your replacing old lines you edit them out [ NOT THE FILE ] as your provider has given you and replace with your new line info,i presume you had a cline and have another one now,think it should be cccam 2.3.0 ticked and no other.loading more softcams will confuse you and box,protocol says one working only.
you might have to say what image you are using as setup might be different.?