Bought a box yesterday plug and play, I've all my lines in as they should be and on start up I'm getting the message service unavailable check configuration, the first few times I tried it it was saying tuner failed but it isn't saying that no more. When I go on my epg it only shows me what is on the free view channels but won't let me watch them , any ideas thanks


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It won't let me put pics up says it's too large. I have a enthernet wire plugged in, I have 2 satalite wires, one going into turner a and 1 going into LNB. As for the config it is,
Config mode. simple
Mode . Single
Satalite. 28.2E ASTRA 2E/2F/2G


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If you're adamant was fine before and in right places, take leads back out and put in again. If FTA not working no point going any further.