Here it is, in all of it's high def glory! Video Tutorial #2


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Sorry it took so long guys! let me know what you think!

Fantastic Tutorial Homesick mate!, the screen size it allot better than the other and the tutorial is excellent! also good work with the text/graphics. Really top notch work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Thanks for the embed teck ;) glad you guys liked it, it looks ten times better now! i was getting so frusterated with youtube! lol
Hats off to your persistence with it HS, I know myself tutorials such like this can take hours and sometimes days and your work here will not go unrecognised ;)
Very good job Bro. Very well done. This makes me start to looking at upping the ram on my laptop.

hi homesick the video was cool I am thinking of putting memory into my laptop and now ill give it a good .Good tips on the static and screws