Hi there , coming back to virgin HELP ME haha


hi there new to all this.
I've been using openbox/skybox for years but I've ordered a zgemma h2h
Should be here Saturday morning I've got a f adapter also ,
Thought I'd join here as I'll probably end up asking for help setting it up.
Been looking on YouTube and as far as I can grasp I need a formatted USB
Download a build/skin
Flash the box , configure the bouquet and vm settings for my area then use that dream explorer (download from apps if not already there) then I can add my line from the box using dream explorer as I would with a openbox.

Am I correct ?
Thanks in advance for any help


TK Veteran
Yes sound about right m8, good luck with your new box m8, hope all goes well with it, as you make it sound so easssssy...lol