Hillary Clinton prioritises Chelsea's wedding


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US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appears to have put global issues on the backburner amid preparations for daughter Chelsea's forthcoming wedding.


US media have been rife with
speculation about the wedding details

"It truly is the most important thing in my life right now," Mrs Clinton said in an interview with Polish TV.

She said her roles as the leading US diplomat and the bride's mother were "serious, important and stressful", but manageable thanks to e-mail.

Chelsea is expected to marry banker Marc Mezvinsky at the end of July.

Ms Clinton, who is the only child of Mrs Clinton and former President Bill Clinton, became friends with Mr Mezvinsky when they were both teenagers.

The pair got engaged in November 2009.

Dress selection

There has been great speculation in US media about when and where the wedding will take place.

Over the weekend newspapers reported that it will be on 31 July at Astor Courts, the sprawling upstate New York home of John Jacob Astor, a prominent member of the Astor family, one of whom died on the Titanic in 1912.

Mrs Clinton made the comments while in Poland, one of five countries she has been visiting on a five-day overseas tour, which also takes in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia.

Despite the pressures of her job, and a hectic travel schedule, Mrs Clinton said she had played an active role in planning the wedding and had "been able to fit in tastings and dress selections and all the other things the mother of the bride has to do".

"Luckily we have e-mail now. I can communicate and people can send me pictures of flower arrangements or other kinds of decisions," she added.