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Hillsborough 96


First thread here and a solemn one. Today is marked as the 20th anniversary of this sporting disaster. I have quiet a few friends in Liverpool and a lot of them had either a relation or friend who were affected by this tragedy. One lad lost his father on that day.

I thought it worth mentioning even though its quite a sombre subject. I always remember watching the horrific scenes on TV.

For our Stateside friends here is a link to some background on the story:


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I`ll never forget the 15th of April 1989.
To me it was the saddest day in Football history.
To this day, the campaign to get justice for the 96 still goes on.


i seen a clip recently of a match between real madrid and ac milan shortly after the disaster, they stopped the game 6 minutes in to have a minutes silence and the milan fans ( i think) sang you'll never walk alone.
R.I.P. those Liverpool fans


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here here will never forget that day as a 17 year old ,still horrific to look at the pictures from that day, dont ever buy the sun scum rag r.i.p to all


i didnt realise 20 yrs could go so fast!

I remember that tragic day and im not really a footie fan but im just thankfull that things have changed since, Shame it took 96 people to die for something to be done but! we should be thankfull that it it was not more.
Im sure all those people that were there along with all of us that saw the tragic events will never forget

RIP to all 96 people :( and my thoughts are with those that that suffered and those left behind to wonder. WHY the hell did it have to happen in the 1st place.


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Yes a truly tragic day the 15th April 1989 at Hillsborough that will live on in infamous history of injustice - I will never forget the nightmare scenes that unfolded before my eyes via the TV, 96 souls perished and they will and must not ever be forgotten, and I sincerely hope and wish that justice would prevail. R.I.P. As for the gutter journalism of Sun newspaper - least said about that the better.


My tribute to the 96

i have written these as my tribute to the 96

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camelv wow those words are nice ( sorry not good with words) but they made me cry i felt your pain in that poem along with all the others