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I'm in the process of moving from my current provider to a new one & this has lifted the long term apathy associated with my willingness towards really taking a good look at what I'm covered for (including the small print) and what I'm not covered for.

In these recessionary times it's much thought that many home owners are actually over insured due to the slump in the building industry & the falling value of property in general now.

Factors to take into account also are that even in the event of a catastrophic wipe out, your site would still remain, so it should be removed from the rebuild aspect of the value one puts on the rebuild cost of their home. Contents however is a totally different ball game. It's very difficult to accurately guesstimate what it might cost to replace everything if the need ever arose.

Basically, I'm wondering what other members thoughts and experiences in relation to home insurance has been & if they might have any suggestions regarding pitfalls or content items that might easily be forgotten when deciding to quantify ones cover.

Any thoughts people?



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Aviva( norwich union) tend to cover it all, mother had a little flood came threw the front door they replaced the door and the carpet in 14 days. that the sort of info G.


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I wouldnt be able to advise you on this Gman but i came across this Site dont know if it will be any help to you or not :)

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