hopping from sat to cable


hi guys,

am i really the first one to post on here??? lol

anyways as you know the sat scene is nearly dead and im about to be reincarnated into the cable scene again :grin: however, whom am i to trust when looking for the pay servers etc... as i know that certain talk is not permitted.

are there any trustworthy members that can offer info on this in order to get me started ;)

gold coins shall cross your palms as i need a fallout plan when the sly kicks the bucket lol

i did start on the cable scene years ago with my eurovox and other boxes after that but decided to jump ship using a motorised setup for foreign channels. soon after what happened with nagra a few years back on cable, i was part of the panicky members who took the plunge on the sat scene not knowing about the similar setup via cable. i just wonder how much money ive wasted on boxes now :(

so if anyone can help i would very much appreciate it :)

kind regards