How do I remove adverts from You Tube on my LG telly



You Tube ads on LG tv

I just wonder how to remove these adverts that start before and interrupt during a You Tube programme.

My LG tv has it's own download but no help. Also has a google account that does not let programmes download



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Is the premium service that you have suppose to be Add free.

Even on pc i have had adds and downloaded ad blocker.

I did hear there was one for You Tube ??


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Adverts come from TV YouTube itself.
It allows you to download You Tube, catch up and many more. When I try to download other applications it does not allow it to happen.

Try smarttubenext and see what happens


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I have a a firestick

So put the app you were linked to above on your firestick and you'll be able to use YouTube without adverts via that.
You can't put it on your TV as it isn't Android. Other than that you'll have pay for YouTube premium.


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have an indian youtube premium account. £2 odd a month for 6 people. had it for a long time now
i get ones saying i would never pay,but when you have no adverts and can easily downloads its handy