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How I Found Techkings


Met one of the Mods on here on another site & he invited me over (I wont say which Mod, but he likes a team in green & white) lol

Its The best move I ever made, as the people here are so friendly & helpful.
Have to say its the best tech site on the net
Well done to all involved :rock on:



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Hi Tubes great to meet yea, i think I can guess which mod your talking about alright, oh well enjoy your time here ;)


VIP Member
Well hi there Tubes.

I too have a pretty good guess which Mod you're referring to. lol

Glad you made your way here, enjoy the forums.


TK Veteran
lol noels been moonlighting again welcome tubes (noel has become renta a mod) lol. nice choice of program that you watch there tubes.LOL


Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome.
looking forward to being a part of your friendly community :)