How to Build a Firewall Using Your Old Computer.


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How to Build a Firewall Using Your Old Computer.

I Reckon this is a pretty Cheap and effective way to Create a firewall for your home Network or even a small business that can`t afford to have a firewall built.

Things You'll Need:

An old computer with at least 900MHz CPU, 256MB of memory, and 2 network cards/ports

CD with the firewall application

Step 1

Choose and download an ISO image of the firewall system that you think is best for you and burn it on a CD.

Examples of Linux-based firewall systems: this is the one i used )
pfSense Open Source Firewall Distribution - Home :: The bad packets stop here!
Step 2

Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into one of your network ports on the back of the "firewall computer" and plug the other end into the network port on the Internet modem provided by your Internet Service Provider.
Step 3

Plug the second Ethernet cable into the second network port on the back of the "firewall computer" and plug the other end into your (good )home computer/laptop, or if you use a router/wireless router plug into one of the LAN ports on the router/wireless router. If you have a router in your installation, you should plug all your home computers into the LAN ports on the router.
Step 4

Skip this step if you don't use a router.

Disable DHCP server on the router and change the IP address of the router so it is on the same network as your firewall system. For example: if your firewall LAN interface is configured with IP address, then change the router IP address to
Step 5

Insert The firewall CD that you burned in Step 1 into a CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive and boot the computer from the CD.
Step 6

Install the system from the CD by simply following the instructions on the screen.
Step 7

Using the computer that you connected to the second network port on the firewall computer or router in Step 3, go to the firewall administration website to make any changes to the network configuration.
If you don't have any previous experience with setting up network devices, refer to the firewall documentation on how to configure network settings.
Step 8

After making any necessary changes to the firewall configuration, you can disable/uninstall your software firewall application (for example: Windows Firewall) that you might have used on your computer/computers.

Any Relevant information you might need can be found on the Smoothwall Website.There is also a very good video relating to the set up,
Enjoy! - And Happy Tinkering!!

You can install additional network card and have it configured for a separate wireless router


Fantastic post knot hell of a lot cheaper than the pricey hardware firewalls

This would be brilliant also in linux advise can you post it there or maybe link it back

Don't want to steal the glory by posting it LOL
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