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How to Download to Formuler Z8 Memory Stick?


I want to download a film (for my own use) from Cinema App to a USB memory card which has been formatted to my Formuler Z8 box.
Could someone give me a dummies step by step guide on how to download a film and save it to the USB as it's destination folder?


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Never downloaded stuff like this but do you have storage devices setup with box,does box ask for where the download should go and is it a zipped file needing extraction to storage device?


The storage is an external USB so it wouldn't go on to the device itself. I "think."
The problem is that it doesn't ask me where I want to put the download, although ES File Explorer came up a few times.
I managed to get it in there somewhere but I don't know how to send it from there to the memory card.
I'm kind of new to ES File Explorer.
It could always be deleted from that to free up the memory on the box if I succeeded in getting it on to the memory USB stick.


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With the ordinary E2 boxes usb and hdd need to be setup on box first to be seen .Any fat32 device might need to be altered first initialized first and when seen might be ext4 which is what is used on E2 boxes for recordings you want to use.

I have an android box here with 4 usb ports and non in use as of yet.

On this box they were setting up a NAS drive but could use your usb when SEEN.

How to set Z8 and NAS for recording and timeshift over network. - Formuler-Support Forum

Maybe others having the box could answer?

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Cheers for that.
I might try formatting to EXT4.
I remember those E2 boxes well.
As far as I know they were only dual core.


Only a simple start guide.
Everything seems to be the same now.
I've seen that NAS thing before but never studied it.
I suppose it's like everything.
Start from scratch and learn away.