how to partition an external hard drive--help


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Okay, here is my dilemma, I have a seagate freeagent desktop 500G external harddrive with a lot of stuff already on it, and I need to create a zmall partition(5 to 10 G) on it so that i can backup a wii game on it, to see whether this particular drive is supported by the wii console.
if i can do this then i can create a hard copy backup of my games, so that if my mates kids come to visit, i dont have to worry about the treatment that they might give the disks by accident.
i think it may have to be an ntfs partition as the games are around 4.4G in size(thanks had for reminding me of this), but when the wii reads the partition i think it will reformat the partition to wfbs( a wii type format).
thanks for all your help

I recieved a link from a member here to an easy tutorial and a free down load for a partitioning tool, direct from the company, not an illegal download, and it is the ease us partition tool download page here. it is really easy to use if i could do it, and it doesn't lose the data that you already have on the hard drive.
thanks to the member who pointed me in the right direction, you know who you are, if you want to be named, that is not a problem either.
this is the reason that i visit here so often, friends helping friends, even though most of us have never met.

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