I get only free channel i.e. BBC 1 no other channel on Zgemma h9.2h


Hi there,

Help needed!!!

Apologise if question is very basic but very new to this.

Just received a brand new Zgemma 9h.2h box (which I believe is combo box).

Loaded Openatv 6.4 image, scanned channels for Cable and get around 650 channels in the list

I have test CCcam lines.

But I get only free channel which BBC 1, literally one channel but no other channel.

What am I missing?

Many thanks in advance.


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No cam is usable on any box to open virgin services now as all off limits since the door was closed for us.

Limited sat channels on 28.2 unless your on foreign sat and if your box is freeview compatible aerial on roof.


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You should have done a bit of research on the forum first and then you would have known that cable has been gone a few months now, if you have a sat dish then you can get some channels on that including bt sports in sd, but none of skys premium channels are available any more on sat.