I Spent Alot Over 2 years. How Does my "Beast" Measure Up?


My home biuld has went through four or five incarnations and I finally decided this would be my last major rebuild. I was wondering if I did good or just mediocre from an experts point of view. I do alot of gaming so that is what my build is for. I also do alot of movie editing, etc. I know that the graphics card could use some upgrading but how does everything else stack up?

My Beast:

ASUS P8Z68 DELUXE/GEN3 Intel Z68 Board
Intel Core i7-2700K BX80619i72700K Unlocked Processor
Intel BXRTS2011LC High Performance Liquid Cooler
Crucial Ballistix DDR3 2000 PC3 1600 (4 x 4gb)
Crucial RealSSD C300 CTFDDAC128MAG-1G1 2.5" 128GB (boot)
Samsung SSD 256GB
MSI N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II 2GD5/OC GeForce GTX 560-Ti Video Card - 2GB, GDDR5, PCI-Express 2.0 (x16)
NZXT PHAN-001BK Phantom Full-Tower Case
Ø 750watt power supply

I'm still running Windows 7 and my score is maxxed but to me that is not even relevant. While the computer is fast it seems like it should be faster. It runs about 75-76 degrees F but under load that rises pretty quickly to around 90F so I'm not sure if I should OC it. It says that CPU is "unlocked" just exactly what does that mean? Any help/opinions/suggestions would be Greatly Appreciated.


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I think that you have yourself a pretty nice system. I am guessing that you use an external HDD or one not listed for storage of your video files and other items?
As for the "unlocked" cpu, pretty much just means it is easier to or has greater potential for overclocking should you desire.
Also, your temps, I am assuming instead of F, you meant C? If you meant to say Celsius, then 90° is pretty darn hot. If, in fact you did mean Fahrenheit, then 90° is barely normal operating temperature. Usually, when referring to computer temperatures, it is given in degrees Celsius.


It's a decent spec and will last you for years.
You can get carried away with all the hype about new CPUs (Haswell) and multiple GPUs but if you know exactly what you are building it for then you can save yourself a fortune and still get a good computer.
I have a similar setup (i7 -2600k, Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3P-B3, 12Gb 1600 ram, GTX 670) and it does everything I need it too.
Your temps seem a bit high, I have overclocked mine to 4.3Ghz with a Noctua’s NH-U12P cooler and at full load it would reach 70C max with an idle temp of mid 30C
I used to have the "Corsair H50 Liquid CPU Cooler" but found my temps where better with the air cooler .
You will find that the biggest difference to your system will be the SSD drives.
They are insanely fast and you will get an instant boost to your computer.