I'm about to get BT Ultrafast Fibre Plus, do I hide my ZGemma H2.S from Engineer?


Hi All,

I've been on BT Infinity for about four years using it in conjunction with my Zgemma to watch IPTV and use my Nline with a Sat feed. I got an offer I couldn't refuse today, where they contacted me and said for 50p more a month they will give me their new ultrafast service. This increases my download speeds from about 60 mbps to 138mpbs.

Question is, in the living room I have a PS4 and a Zgemma, fully loaded with a line and an IPTV sub hooked directly to my router. They are sending and engineer over to setup, help me with my connections and test the line. Should I hide my router? If I do it just looks a bit odd as I have no aerial on this house or FreeSat box to replace it with.

Or am I being over paranoid and a BT or Openreach engineer just won't care? Reason being, when I spoke to the salesperson at BT to order this, he asked explicitly what I was going to use the service for.

Anyone had experience with this?


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to be honest, the fact that you are asking 'should I hide it' means, sub consciously at least, you know you probably should. The engineer may not be bothered but on other hand he could be a jobsworth.

I am probably being stupid, I assume you mean hide your zgemma, not your router.


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Thanks for the advice folks. The Openreach engineer was sound as anything. Didn't poke his nose in at all and was just there to do his job, check the speed and make sure I was happy. I had disconnected the box and put it in a cupboard anyway just to be safe!