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Just wondering if there's a way you can import Skins from one build to another or whether there's a plugin available that holds the skins I was looking for (Sorry not much of a technical request, sadly cosmetic)

I was using Grogbuild and recently had to move over to Woosh Inf which doesn't have much of a selection (Nice build though).
In particular I was looking for the VM Bolt skin that was present in Grog and have tried to find it in the plugins to no avail.

Any advise much appreciated. Thanks.


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backup builds are a selection of plugins & extras that someone has already put together then saved & released, a part of this is adding skins so to answer your question yes you can locate & add/remove skins as you wish (you are not limited to sticking with those already installed in a pre-made build). Most builds come with a selection of skins installed so you can switch from one to another, on ATV goto menu/setup/usage&Gui/skin setup & select from the skins installed, or to install a skin that's not in the build use the search function (top right of page) & search for Chabs skins or go to google & search for kiddac skins
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grogbuild doesn't use chabs skins, you will need to google 'vskin bolt' and one of the first links found should point you to where you can download it from.

Sorry I am not able to post a link to it from here