installing CCcam in vix image


open dreambox control center
go to ftp
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go to tmp >/var/tmp
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now installing enigma2 plugin CCcam 2.30 ftp over tmp folder then go back to vu+ Then blue button -> Vix -> Install local extension reboot the box
open dreambox control center one more time go to ftp open etc folder and ftp your line over
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to start cam menu setup softcam/ci softcam manager
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an easier way would be to format a USB stick to FAT32 then place the .ipk installer onto this stick.
now while on live TV ( making sure no menu's are open etc ) insert the USB stick into the receiver's USB port and wait for the nag screen to kick in with a prompt to install the .ipk file it has found. once thats done just FTP your config files to the relevant locations and enable the cam in the softcam manager ( Blue button > softcam manager ).


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i might have issues with that,are you suggesting you can plug usb in while box is on?

dont plug in or remove while box is on unplug first.
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