IPTV Channels missing / IPTV Bouquet Maker not installed


Hi all,

Hopefully one of you guys might be able to help. My thanks in advance.

Its 2 things :

1/ Can anyone tell me how to delete the local flash memory on a zgemma h9s (openatv 6.4) for where the epg data is stored? Noticed a friend of mine was storing it there, I've changed to external now but wanted to delete this.

And the main one:

2/ The same friend has reflashed his zgemma h9s to open atv 6.4, all has gone through okay. IPTV is installed via a script from supplier, butu he cant get no channels?

I've tried to help and all looks okay, except for the fact there is no IPTV Bouquet Maker - E2m3u2bouquet in sources in epg importer. This is always there after doing the script, but with no iptv bouquet maker there I'm thinking this is why no channels?

When he goes to plugins, IPTV Bouquet Maker and show log it's showing a error (I'll attach picture of this to show), I'm wondering if this is the reason why he is getting no channels?

Any ideas how I can help him get around it please or for it to work again?

Thanks again all.


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