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Paul don

trying to install iptv on Zgemma my supplier has to me to upload file to ETC/ENIGMA 2 don't know what this means ,off to work now my head is frazzled help be appreciated cheers


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Hi mate, what he means is you need to ftp the file to your box using filezilla on your pc or laptop. That way you can access your H2s files and upload the file he has sent you to the etc/enigma folder. When you have done that you will need to reboot your box. If you need help to use filezilla give me a shout.
As wilsock stated, you need to download Filezilla.

Once in Filezilla, type in your box's IP address (you may have to go into your box's settings to find this out) at the top left hand side. Next to it, type 'root' into password. Press enter on your PC.

Filezilla will now communicate with your box via the ip address. You will then see a load of files on the right hand side.

You will then find the file you are looking for ('etc' / 'enigma). Transfer your file into that folder. Reboot your box. If done correctly, you should find a new bouquet in your epg with your iptv channels.

Take a look on youtube and see if you can find a video on filezilla to assist you further, if you experience any problems.

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Paul don

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Hi thanks for tips ,I've start and got as so far ,my next step which I'm stuck says-----upload file to etc/ enigma which I've done next step says in same folder,go to bouquets tv open it and add this line ( which provider sent me) but can't find folder called bouquets tv
Have you emailed your provider? Just looked for you on my h.2s and I can't find 'bouquets tv' in my HDD directory.

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The file is called bouquets.TV and will be in etc/enigma2
You will need to open it in a text editor to edit it